A Lightweight Monitoring Utility on Menubar
System Indicator
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Fully Sandboxed

The app is fully sandboxed and runs in user space to securely access system APIs. No installation process. No sudo previlege is required.

Flexible Configuration

You can choose which type of indicators to be put on the menubar with customized color and other settings

Light on Resources

Single process with minimal system footprint. No additional daemon process is running in the background


See it in action

CPU Module

Memory Module

Disk Module

Network Module

GPU Module (Experimental)



  • System Indicators

    Available from Mac App Store


  • How many computers can I install this app on with a single purchase?

    It may be used for all the Macs that you own for personal use. For large scale commercial use, please contact us via email.


  • Will there be support for per process statistics of cpu usage, memory usage etc?

    No, unfortunately. In order to comply with Apple Sandbox mechanism, this app is not allowed to sample other process statistics.

    If there is enough demand, we might consider to release a non Mac App Store version that provides much more detailed information. However, such functions would require root privilege.



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